Revival of Classical Tamil Music

Title : Revival of Classical Tamil Music

Description :

Tamil Carnatic Music Teaching Set

  • Set of 3 self study guide books
  • 3 cassette tapes Grade I, II and III to learn
  • Music compiled by N.C. Naidoo of South Africa

Tamil Carnatic Music Learning tool via Film Music

  • 7 CD music set &7 hours of listening pleasure
  • Easy way to get to know 121 ragas using film music
  • Introduction to Tamil carnatic music without pain


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Important Notice!

There was a technical issue, you may not able to order the books or login / reset password or didn't receive the order email!

All issues are fixed, you can order the books online now.

Third print of Thirukkural book is scheduled to release on late August 2023, it'll be available online on Sepetember